Chiropractic Care

What We Provide

We offer the latest in chiropractic adjustments. Dr Delp is experienced in the most effective treatments that are gentle and safe. He is also very competent in traditional chiropractic. Adjustment techniques that are sound free and gentle enough for children and the elderly to adjustments that are dynamic and full of sounds and excitement. We select the correct treatments to make you feel comfortable and get you the relief you need. People aren’t all the same, so we plan our treatments accordingly because one size doesn’t always fit all.

Chiropractic focuses on your body's capability to heal itself. Using diagnostic techniques, examination and possibly x-rays we can determine what is causing your issue(s). Chiropractic uses a series of adjustments to allow proper nerve signals to flow between your brain and the body. Proper nerve flow allows your body to heal itself and maintain good health.

MLS Robotic Laser

Looking for a cutting-edge treatment that is FDA-approved. MLS Robotic Laser not only helps you get relief faster it also reduces inflammation and increases cell proliferation. That means you heal faster than normally expected. It is used by professional sports teams and the nations leading orthopedic clinics. It is a class 4 robotic laser that uses 2 lasers simultaneously which is gentle and safe. Most people feel little to no sensation from the lasers however they do feel the results.

Other Therapies

We offer other therapies to help you improve and feel better quicker.

Intersegmental Traction
Intersegmental spinal traction helps open the spine and increases the blood supply to the spine. This helps the spine move easier and and decreases the time to heal so you can feel better sooner. The spine can stiffen after injury. Intersegmental traction aids the healing process to help you get moving again. Most people love the motion it brings and enjoy the treatment. The say it feels great!

Electro-muscle Stimulation
Electromuscle Stimulation helps to reduce muscle tension and spasm. We use it along with chiropractic treatments to help you feel better quicker.

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