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We help people of all different ages. Many of our patients range from teenagers to middle age. We help many senior citizens get relief and get them back to living their life again. Our patients range in age from infants and toddlers to 90+ years old. We take safety seriously and offer the most effective and gentle treatments available.

If you're looking for help and need relief, we are here for you. We practice the most cutting-edge treatments and Dr. Delp has over 20 years of experience. We see everyday problems however Dr.Delp has become well known for treating complex issues that weren’t responding from other treatments.

We have success with children suffering from colic, growing pains, and ear infections as well as scoliosis. Treatment for babies and toddlers is very gentle, safe and effective.

We work hand in hand with people who have received neck or back surgery including those who have had spinal fusions or discectomies. After back and neck surgery chiropractic care stabilizes the surgery and gives you the best possible outcome. It improves the long-term success of the surgery by reducing scar tissue and correcting the alignment.

Many people are relieved to know they can still find relief with safe and gentle care after hip and knee replacements.

Our office also treats women who are pregnant and suffering from pain due to the pregnancy. Chiropractic during pregnancy not only reduces pain but can also dramatically improve the delivery process.

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